Dissuading Porch Pirates Is Simple: Follow These Tips

Dissuading Porch Pirates Is Simple: Follow These Tips


Have you ever gotten a delivery notice for an item you were really excited about, so you rushed home after work ready to tear into the packaging? Then, when you get home, you find your porch devoid of any packages. Something’s wrong, you think. You call the delivery company, only to find out that the package was delivered to your house.

Some jerk stole your package right off of your porch! This situation is violating, infuriating, and costly. Most companies won’t just ship you a new item because you tell them the other one was stolen. You are, sadly, on your own. So, how can you stop porch pirates from stealing your stuff?

Install a Camera

The most straightforward way to dissuade would-be thieves is to just install a very visible and mean-looking camera right over where your packages get dropped off. The presence of an all-seeing eye pointed at the street level is enough to scare off most criminals who are just looking for a quick score.

Oftentimes, you don’t even need to actually hook the camera up to anything. What are you going to do with video footage of some jerk taking your stuff, anyway? The presence of the camera itself is the deterrent: the video footage it records is often useless in court or to the authorities, anyway.

Delivered to Work

If you work from home, it’s easy to just scoop up your packages as soon as they’re delivered. However, even if you don’t work from home, you have some options. You could set the delivery address to your place of employment and turn on delivery notifications. That way, when your package arrives, you can just hop outside and throw it into your car swiftly.

For some jobs this tactic might not work, though. There are still other options for alternate delivery sites, though.

PO Box

The “nuclear option” in this regard is to simply have your packages delivered to a post office box. The post office in your area has these boxes available for receiving mail, and they allow your packages to be neatly tucked away behind the post office’s walls. The odds that your stuff is stolen out of the post office are extremely low.

This method does require you to pay a fee to keep the PO box open. However, if you’ve got a serious problem with package thieves and can’t receive your items at work, this is the most surefire way to get your items without the risk of having them stolen.