Risk Factors: How To Avoid Potentially Dangerous Criminal Activity

Risk Factors: How To Avoid Potentially Dangerous Criminal Activity


It’s easier than you might think to avoid criminality. While crime permeates most cities and can be a huge issue for law enforcement, it doesn’t need to be a daily problem for most people. You can take a few simple steps to keep yourself far outside the sphere of influence of most criminals by just avoiding a few behaviors and areas.

Here are some ways to avoid criminal activity in most parts of the world.

Don’t Do Drugs

This might sound a bit silly, but it’s good advice. Illegal substances are illegal for a reason, and trying to acquire them incurs a lot of risk on your part. There’s the obvious risk of being caught by law enforcement, which could see you spending time in jail. There are other risks that you might not even be considering, though.

Think about the kind of people who are willing to break the law and sell illicit substances. These people are criminals, plain and simple, and they have no obligation to treat you with respect or dignity. If you pay a dealer for illegal drugs and they just keep the money without giving you the items, what do you do? You certainly can’t tell the police about it!

Avoid this criminality by simply sticking to legal recreational activities. There’s just no good reason to risk your financial wellbeing, your physical safety, and your continued personal freedom.

Stay Out of the “Wrong Side of Town”

Some cities have pretty clearly delineated districts where you can tell which areas are more prone to crime. Sadly, underserved areas are found in most cities around the world. In these regions, criminal activity is simply more common. If you can help it, try to just stay out of these areas.

You have nothing to gain by visiting the “rough” side of town. If you’re there just to look at run-down buildings or to try to find deals on real estate, you’re essentially taking a poverty tour, which is wrong. If you have legitimate business in such an area, just be smart, move swiftly, and don’t stop to chat with strangers in alleys.

Safety in Numbers

When you visit an unfamiliar area, bring friends. Most criminals prefer to go undetected, so they’re uninterested in attacking a group of people or trying to steal from cars that are in densely populated areas. The classic adage of “safety in numbers” applies to criminality, too.

Just stay smart, use your common sense, and keep some friends around. Remember: if you see something, say something. Everyone working together can help reduce crime.