What Makes a Car Likely to Be Stolen?

What Makes a Car Likely to Be Stolen?


There’s never any telling what a criminal will do. However, most criminals share some basic traits in common. For instance, the average thief is looking for the path of least resistance to make a quick buck from swiping your valuables.

If you’re looking to avoid the unfortunate situation of having your car broken into or stolen, you need to follow some basic tips. Let’s take a look at how you can keep your car safe.

Hide Valuables

Our first tip is a basic one: don’t leave any valuables sitting out on the seat. Crimes of opportunity are more likely to take place when someone walks by your car and sees your iPad or expensive camera sitting in the passenger seat.

Opportunistic thieves love breaking in windows, grabbing a laptop, and then legging it out of there. Rather than leaving these things in plain view, cover them up or put them under the seat. That way, you’re less likely to have a random thief walk by and decide it’s your turn to have a bad day.

Parking in the Right Spot

Don’t settle for random, back-alley parking spots. Make sure you’re parking in a good spot to keep your car out of danger. As you might expect, parking in a poorly-lit area that is out of sight of main roads is a terrible idea. Likewise, parking near regions that are known for their bad crime rates is a surefire way to have your vehicle broken into.

The best place to park your car is in a well-lit spot that is under a security camera. The average thief doesn’t want to chance being spotted on security footage, so they’ll give cars in these scenarios a wide berth.

Those Wheels

Most thieves don’t want your whole car, just some of its components. Common components that thieves are after are your tires, your stereo, and internal engine components. As such, you need to outfit your car with an alarm system that detects more than just someone trying to get into your vehicle.

For instance, you should install a tilt-motion sensor if you have nice performance tires. That way, your car will issue a loud alarm if someone tries to quickly prop it up on a jack to swipe your tires. Likewise, a glassbreak detector in your cab and a motion detector could be a great way to keep your radio and engine components safe!