Avoiding Break-ins and Home Crimes: Our Tips

Avoiding Break-ins and Home Crimes: Our Tips


There’s little in this world quite as unsettling as the idea of a stranger breaking into your home. Such a scenario is scary enough to convince many people to invest in home security systems and other methods of keeping intruders out.

Let’s look at some steps you can take to make your home safer from break-ins.

Physical Security

The first step is to be vigilant about locking your doors and windows. The vast majority of would-be burglars are criminals of opportunity. They’re not looking to try to pick a lock or break a window. They want to slip into and back out of a home silently. As such, the presence of a few brutal locks and a gate will keep all but the most determined criminals away.

Consider visible physical security like a giant padlock on your gate or even a tall fence around your property. Making your home look visually unappealing to burglars is a simple way to dissuade the average criminal.

Looking Unapproachable

On that same note, there are a few “soft” security options you could invest in to make your home look less appealing to burglars. You could opt to put up stickers from a security company and cameras on your property. You don’t necessarily need to connect the cameras or a security system, though: the presence of the stickers is often enough to ward off most burglars.

The same goes for “no trespassing” signs and “beware of dog” signs. These visual indicators can scare off opportunists, as they might see such warnings to indicate that you’re not the type to break in on. Most criminals aren’t looking for a fight. They’re looking for a quick payday.

Security Systems

If you want the highest level of security against significantly more capable criminals, consider getting a full-blown security system. Including things like motion detectors, cameras, door sensors, and the like would make it nearly impossible for anyone aside from an accomplished cat burglar to enter your home without you knowing.

However, these kinds of systems are generally expensive to install and maintain, making them unpopular with some people. The average home security system is an odd fit for most people, as it’s too high-tech to be practical against common criminals but too simple to stop determined professionals.

Suffice it to say, if you believe you own items valuable enough to attract professional thieves, consider investing in full-time security staff to guard your home. Outside of such an extreme scenario, a strong lock and a “beware of dog” sign should keep you safe in most circumstances.