Do Home Security Systems Reduce Property Crimes?

Do Home Security Systems Reduce Property Crimes?


Home security systems come with a variety of up-front and recurring costs. Installing a system can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on which security features you want. But some homeowners might want to avoid those hefty costs if they can help it. Do home security systems reduce the chances of property crime happening to the homeowner?

If they don’t, then there’s no reason to invest in these pricey systems. Today, we’re taking a look at a few aspects of home security that are proven to keep your home safer from burglars to help you make an informed decision about which features you need.

Security Cameras

Security cameras deter criminals from approaching residences, according to research from crime prevention experts. The presence of a camera near a home’s front door indicates to would-be burglars that they’re under observation. Criminals typically break into homes when the opportunity for an easy score presents itself.

A home that has cameras is far from an easy mark. Thieves are more likely to be caught if there is video evidence of their crimes. Most property crimes go unsolved because of the lack of evidence and witnesses. A video recording of a break-in solves both of these issues with a single piece of technology.

A good budget alternative to a camera is a video doorbell. These are much more affordable and don’t usually require a recurring fee for monitoring.

Loud Alarms

Burglars are risk-averse. That’s why they’re burglars, not robbers. Property criminals prefer to move undetected through residential areas, silently plucking expensive items out of homes and slipping soundlessly into the night. Loud alarms ruin this approach.

Most thieves know that a loud alarm alone is enough to get them caught. People in the neighborhood will immediately hear the alarm going off and are more likely to intervene. If the home’s owners are present, they’ll be alerted to the presence of an intruder. The worst part for the criminal is that the police will be alerted to the crime.

Looking Unappealing

A little-known aspect of property crime prevention is that you don’t need a complete security system to deter thieves. Installing a few cameras and a loud alarm connected to a door sensor is enough to prevent all but the most determined of burglars from trying to steal from you.

Making your home look unappealing to criminals is much more affordable than shelling out for a complete security system. Either way, installing a suite of home defense solutions will make your home safer from intruders.