Crime Prevention: Tips To Help You Outsmart Criminals While on Vacation

Crime Prevention: Tips To Help You Outsmart Criminals While on Vacation


Everyone enjoys a good vacation. However, traveling away from home can expose you to danger. Criminals could be lurking around any corner, waiting for a chance to steal from you or burglarize your home. Take a moment to memorize these helpful tips to outsmart thieves! Most criminals are opportunists, so a bit of preparation goes a long way toward keeping you safe on your next trip.

Dress the Part

There’s a time and place for wearing fancy clothes and flashy jewelry. Don’t wear your silver necklace or high-end watch if you’re traveling, especially in areas with which you’re unfamiliar. When you stand out from the crowd, you could make yourself a target for eager thieves.

Muggers tend to look for people who carry plenty of cash or have expensive jewelry. Since thieves are opportunists, they go after the person they think will yield the most returns. Dress in a way that will make you blend in with the crowd when you’re traveling through busy areas or urban environments.

Keep Details to Yourself

When you’re on vacation, you might want to strike up a conversation with friendly strangers. However, criminals will often act chummy before targeting their victims. When you’re away from home, don’t tell strangers where you’re staying or why you’re traveling. Try not to inform strangers you’re from out of town if you can avoid it.

Criminals know that travelers are uniquely vulnerable. You’re more likely to wander in dangerous situations when you’re in a new area. Be wary of anyone who seems slightly suspicious offering to show you around or offering tips about great places to eat or shop. These people could be luring you into an isolated location to mug you.

Keep Family and Friends Informed

Even if you’re traveling alone, make sure someone knows where you’re going. Leave notes in your hotel room when you leave indicating where you plan to go and what time you’ll be back. Text family and friends often so someone knows where you are. If you plan to meet someone in town, let your circle know the person’s name and your business with them.

It’s ideal to set up a check-in time with a trusted friend or family member back home, too. If you miss this check-in time, your trusted loved one can reach out to the authorities in the area you’re staying in to let them know you’re missing. That way, should something happen to you, police will begin looking for you right away.