How To Make It Look Like You’re at Home When You’re on Vacation

How To Make It Look Like You’re at Home When You’re on Vacation


Vacations are fun and relaxing, but one thing keeps most families worried when they’re out of town. What if burglars notice that no one is home? How can you keep your residence safe from thieves if you’re not there to protect it?

Today, we’re helping you do just that. Here are some top tips for making your home look inhabited even when you’re away on a trip!

Smart Lights

If you have a smart home hub, consider investing in Wi-Fi-enabled lights you control from your phone. These will allow you to set up a schedule for the lights to turn on at times when they usually would. That way, casual observers of your home will see the lights cycling as though someone was inside your home.

These lights also have an added benefit: making your home well-lit at night scares would-be burglars. Even if they realize that no one is home, the presence of lights makes it more likely that someone will see the criminal in your residence.

The Sounds of Residence

Consider also leaving your TV on if you’ll only be away for a day or two. Burglars who hear residential activity within a home are unlikely to break in. You could also use a smart home hub set to play music periodically. Either way, the trick is making your home noisy when you’re away.

With a full suite of remote-controlled lights and music, your residence will appear lived-in even when you’re away for weeks at a time.

Cars in the Driveway

Ask neighbors or friends to drop by your home periodically while you’re away. The presence of a car in the driveway will dissuade criminals from getting too close to your home. If you’re leaving a car behind when you go on vacation, the house will look somewhat inhabited. However, criminals will notice if the vehicle has sat still in the same spot for several days.

That’s why it’s vital to ask neighbors to park in your driveway for a few hours at a time. This way, would-be burglars will see people coming and going from your house while you’re away.

While they’re at it, ask your neighbors to take in your mail and newspapers while you’re on a trip. Burglars are vigilant for overflowing mailboxes, as these are a tell-tale sign that no one is home. If your neighbor brings your mail in for you, you’ll be less likely to become the target of a break-in.