How to Prevent Car Break-Ins Before They Happen

How to Prevent Car Break-Ins Before They Happen


You’re running late for work so you rush out the door, only to find that your car door is sitting slightly ajar. Inside your vehicle, your glove compartment and center console are open. Any valuables you kept in the car are missing, and there’s no sign of who did this. You’re now the victim of a car break-in, and you feel violated.

How can you prevent this from happening again? Today, we’re going over some car safety tips that will help you keep criminals out of your vehicle. Remember: most thieves act impulsively, so you can outsmart them by taking a few steps before you leave your vehicle unattended.

Keep It Locked

It doesn’t matter how nice your neighborhood is. You must keep your car doors locked overnight. If you don’t, criminals can let themselves into your vehicle and steal whatever they want. Most criminals are opportunists. That means they’re unlikely to take unnecessary risks. Breaking into a locked car is more complicated, time-consuming, and noisy than opening an unlocked car door.

Take the time to lock up whenever you head inside. While locked doors won’t stop every thief, they’ll keep out all but the most persistent criminals.

Hide Your Valuables

Avoid storing valuables in your car. Bring any electronics, jewelry, or wallets with you when you exit the vehicle. If you need to keep these items in your car while you’re out, take steps to hide them. Put these items in your glove compartment or under the seat. If you can’t store the valuables in a small location, lay a jacket or blanket over them to prevent would-be thieves from noticing them.

Criminals usually break into vehicles that they think they can steal expensive items from. Most car break-ins are crimes of opportunity. Don’t present an opportunity for a criminal to steal your belongings!

Park Somewhere Safe

Thieves want to target vehicles that are out of sight. If you park your car in a well-lit area with considerable foot traffic, you’ll probably have no issues with break-ins. This is doubly true if you drive a new vehicle. Criminals prefer to target expensive-looking cars as they reason the owner will keep valuable items inside.

If you have a garage at home, park there instead of the driveway. Criminals are unlikely to break into your home to steal items from your car. If you’re worried about home break-ins, consult our tips for keeping your residence safe from burglars even when you’re away.