Keeping Thieves Out of Your Pockets: Tips for Besting Pickpockets

Keeping Thieves Out of Your Pockets: Tips for Besting Pickpockets


Any crowded area is likely to have its share of criminals. One of the most common forms of theft in an urban setting is pickpocketing. Pickpockets slip their hands into pockets or purses while their owners are distracted. By the time you reach for your wallet, it’s long gone. The thief then blends into the crowd, impossible to see in the middle of the city.

How can you keep your cash and valuables safe from pickpockets? Let’s go over some helpful tips to keep your items on your person.

Secure Your Wallet

Don’t just leave your wallet hanging in your back pocket. The easiest way for a pickpocket to make off with your billfold is to slip their hand into your back pocket and make off with the wallet before you notice it’s gone. Move your cash to your front pocket so it’s harder for people to reach for it without you seeing it.

You can also invest in a wallet chain. These are chains that hook your billfold to your pants or belt. When a thief tries to steal your wallet, they’ll tug on the chain and alert you to their presence.

Another method for securing valuables is anchoring. Loop the strap of your bag around the leg of the chair or table when you stop for food. This tactic will prevent would-be thieves from snatching your bag and sprinting away. If they try to grab the purse or backpack, they’ll tug on your chair, outing themselves as a criminal and failing to make off with your valuables.

RFID Protection

Modern credit cards use RFID wireless technology to transmit data to point of sale systems. Some criminals use advanced skimmers to steal credit card information from people’s wallets. Therefore, experts advise travelers to use RFID-blocking wallets or purses. These items have materials sewn into the seams that prevent wireless signals from escaping.

Stash Your Cash

Try to avoid carrying large sums of cash on your person when you’re traveling through crowded areas. If you need to bring a substantial stash of money with you, spread it around various hiding places on your outfit. Some travelers prefer money-storing belts, which have pockets on the inside facing the wearer’s body.

Inside jacket pockets are another safe place to stash your cash. Ideally, you should store any paper currency in areas that you would quickly notice someone reaching for, even in a crowd.