Police Identify Body of Man Found in Dallas Impound Lot Last Month

Police Identify Body of Man Found in Dallas Impound Lot Last Month


Dallas authorities have determined the identity of a body found in the trunk of a car in an impound lot last month. The man, Taylour Young, went missing from Houston, Texas, on December 9, 2021. Young, 25, was found in the trunk of his vehicle in an impound lot in Dallas. According to the police report, he’d already been dead for some time when the authorities found him.

Detectives say the case is a homicide investigation, and the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Officer is working to determine Young’s cause of death. 

Family Reacts to News 

Young’s mother, Tiffany Robinson, shared the news of her son’s disappearance on social media in December. Following the police identification of his body, Robinson took to social media once more to thank friends and family who helped her search for her missing son. “As I shared Taylour’s disappearance with the world, I want to share my worldly loss as well. I lost my son, my baby, my friend; and will raise his love, his dog Gigi,” she posted on Instagram. 

Robinson described her son as an easy-going young man who loved fishing and skateboarding. She says he was not a combative man, and that his disappearance and death are baffling. “He’s not argumentative. He’s not a fighter. He loves helping people. It’s just odd that this could happen to him, disappearing.”

Robinson has received support from the local community, with many of her son’s friends and coworkers commenting on how sweet and caring he was. Young reportedly earned top marks from his manager, who noted that he was a “top performer” and “consistent” in his duties. His coworkers told reporters that the 25-year-old was working toward a promotion. They also noted that he was a thoughtful young man who went to the local Whole Foods to play Bingo with senior citizens. 

Bizarre Disappearance Shocks Family

Taylour Robinson was last seen on surveillance footage on December 9, 2021, driving a silver 2019 Honda Civic. The CCTV that recorded him showed that he was on South Voss Road in Houston, near a Capital One bank. Police discovered his body over 200 miles away, in an impound lot in Dallas.

What could have happened in the afternoon of December 9? Young’s family wants answers regarding what happened to the easy-going 25-year-old. Anyone with information regarding his disappearance or death should call the Houston Police Department Homicide Division at 713-308-3600.