Tips From Experts: Fooling Burglars and Safeguarding Valuables

Tips From Experts: Fooling Burglars and Safeguarding Valuables


If you own valuables and you’re worried about the possibility of burglars breaking into your home, you’re likely wondering how you can safeguard your belongings. The sad truth is no home is completely safe from criminals. A determined thief can get into any home, any room, and any safe. 

However, there are steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of being targeted by a burglar. Making your home a tough target for thieves can cause them to think twice before expending time or energy trying to get in.

Thorny Shrubs

Install some prickly plants around your home. Rose bushes are gorgeous, for one thing, and they’re also great at warding off burglars. If you grow thorny plants under your windows and around your backyard fence, it makes it much harder for thieves to sneak into your home. 

These plants are also a great way to get some privacy. Tall bushes around your yard can obscure your neighbors’ view of your home and can make it tougher for criminals to stake out your home. 

Hiding Valuables

Sometimes even the harshest landscaping job won’t deter a determined thief. You should go out of your way to hide your valuables in your home so that burglars can’t find them easily. Many experts recommend stashing your valuables in a child’s room. Thieves tend to scour the master bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, but often overlook children’s rooms.

Make sure you store any valuables in a place that is out of reach for youngsters. Some ideal spots include high up in a closet shelf or hidden in a panel in the back of their dresser. This way, you can keep your most expensive items out of harm’s way in the event of a break-in.

False Safe

If you plan to stash your valuables in a safe hiding place, you can also invest in a false safe to throw burglars off the trail of your expensive goods. Invest in an empty safe that you place in a conspicuous location to distract thieves. This will make them think they’ve found something worth stealing, and they might make off with it and leave the other belongings alone.

While you’re at it, you could also invest in a diversion safe. A diversion safe is a household object that looks normal at first glance but is actually a safe hiding place for valuables. Some examples include hollowed-out books to store cash, clocks with false backs, and similar hiding spots.