What Makes Burglars Target Your Home?

What Makes Burglars Target Your Home?


Burglars are usually opportunistic thieves. They target homes that they think will give them an easy score and offer no resistance.

Nine times out of ten, a burglar wants to enter a home when no one else is there so they can take your valuables without the risk of bumping into someone and getting into serious trouble. 

But what makes burglars think your home is a good target? Here are some tips to make your home look unappealing for criminals to break into.

No Pets

If you have a pet dog, burglars will probably avoid your home. If you have no pets, however, they’ll know they could easily slip into your house without anyone noticing. Dogs are great at alerting the neighborhood to trouble. If your neighbors hear your dog barking and growling, they’ll probably look out their windows to see what’s going on. 

That’s the last thing a burglar wants! As such, most criminals will see a dog in the yard or window and simply move on from a house. Make sure your neighbors all know you have a pet, and take your pup on plenty of walks to make their presence known to would-be crooks.

No Alarm System

If you don’t have a dog, you can get the next best thing: a home security system. A home alarm will scare off all but the most determined intruders. These systems usually make a lot of noise and alert the police to the presence of an intruder. A criminal looking to make a quick buck doesn’t want that kind of attention.

Sometimes, you don’t even need the full alarm system. A few yard signs and stickers will go a long way toward deterring potential intruders. This can save you money while still warding off would-be criminals.

Loose Valuables

Can passerby see into your windows? If so, it’s time to invest in some blinds or drapes for privacy. If people on the street can see your loose valuables scattered on your desk or side table, they might risk detection to slip inside and steal your property. Jewelry, electronics, cash, and other valuables can look highly appealing to burglars.

Make sure you don’t have any obvious loose valuables visible from the door, either. If you have a brand-new game console sitting in plain view of the door, a thief might take a chance to break in and snatch the system before you even realize someone is in your home.