New York Woman Found Dead Near Her Home, Police Search for Suspect

New York Woman Found Dead Near Her Home, Police Search for Suspect


Orsolya Gaal, 51, was found dead near her home on Saturday, April 16, according to a recent police report. The New York resident and mother of two was a stay-at-home mom who has sons aged 13 and 17. She lived in New York City with her husband and children and was staying home while her oldest son and husband were out of town.

A jogger found Gaal’s body in a duffel bag a few blocks from her home. Police responded to the passerby’s call, noting the duffel bag had a bloody corner and was surrounded by a trail of blood. Within, they found Gaal’s body, and the trail of blood led several blocks back to her home.

Police Investigate Grisly Crime

The police are now investigating the murder and say they think someone who knew Gaal took her life. This person likely waited until her husband and son were out of town to target her. A surveillance camera captured a person dragging the duffel bag several blocks before dropping it off in an inconspicuous location.

Police say Gaal was stabbed “dozens” of times by her assailant. Additionally, police say she appears to have suffered blunt force trauma to the head before death. There were no signs of forced entry at the home, leading police to believe Gaal was familiar with her killer.

Person of Interest

There is a person of interest in the case whom police are investigating as of the time of this writing. The authorities are searching for that person of interest’s whereabouts and they are not currently in custody.

There are apparently defensive wounds on Gaal’s hands, which leads police to believe she fought her assailant. Gaal’s younger son was home at the time of the attack, but police say he was likely not involved in the attack. 

What Happened?

It’s not clear what exactly happened Saturday morning. Gaal told her son she planned to see a show at the Lincoln Center in Manhattan on Friday night, and sources report seeing her alone at a bar in Queens. It’s unclear what she was doing out on the town that night. Investigators don’t know if she planned to meet with friends or was simply taking some time to herself. 

Some commentators speculate that Gaal might have bumped into an acquaintance at a bar who attempted to make advances toward her. This might have gone poorly, resulting in the attack that claimed her life. However, police have given no official statement regarding the attacker’s motivations.