Signs Your Home Is a Juicy Target for Burglars

Signs Your Home Is a Juicy Target for Burglars


There’s nothing quite as violating and scary as the thought of a stranger slipping into your home while you’re gone and rifling through your belongings. If you come home to find the door ajar, kicked off its hinges, and your valuables missing, your first question may be: “why me?”

Today, we’d like to answer that question. Most burglars won’t just target a house randomly: they’ve got patterns and they look for the best possible score that has the lowest chance of failure. Here are the top signs your home is a juicy target for burglars.


The way your home is positioned in your neighborhood plays a massive role in whether burglars will target it. If you live on the corner of two busy thoroughfares, the odds you’ll become the victim of a home invasion are extremely slim. However, if your home is well-shaded, surrounded by trees, and located on a remote street on the outskirts of town, burglars will take notice.

Burglars hate being seen. That’s why they tend to operate in the daytime when everyone is at work, and they prefer to look as innocuous as possible while stealthily slipping into homes. If your home is hard to see from the road or distant from your neighbors, you’ll need to take extra precautions.

Garage Door

Your garage door opener is essentially a key to your front door. Don’t leave it out and visible in your car – it could prove tempting to burglars who know how to sneakily access your car and hit the button without arousing suspicion. 

Likewise, if your garage door has a keypad, take care to keep the buttons maintained. If the four numbers you hit to enter the garage have the most worn-down keys, it’s simply guesswork for a burglar to hit them in order and gain access to your home through the side door.

Signs of Life

Keep your yard trimmed up, your driveway clear of debris, and your home looking clean from the outside. This will show would-be burglars that you take care of your belongings and that you’re not an easy mark. Burglars love to target people who live in disheveled, unkempt houses because these people are less likely to lock their doors or hide their valuables.

After all, if you’re disorganized enough to let your grass grow unchecked and branches clutter your yard, you’re probably not diligent about your home security. At least, that’s what burglars think when they see your house!