Safety Tips Criminals Don’t Want You To Know

Safety Tips Criminals Don’t Want You To Know


Criminals are always on the lookout for new victims. Don’t let yourself fall for their schemes – arm yourself with knowledge so you can stay one step ahead. Today, we’re giving you a handful of tips that will help you keep yourself out of criminals’ sight, and you’ll be able to spot their schemes a mile away. 

Secure Your Wallet

When you’re in a crowded area, get your wallet into a secure position. If you carry it in your back pocket, move it to your front pocket and keep your hand on it. If you carry it in a purse, carry your purse in front of yourself and wrap the strap around your arm. This will keep pickpockets from being able to snatch your wallet without you noticing.

A similar option is to invest in a wallet chain. If a pickpocket slips your wallet out of your back pocket and it snags on your belt loop, they’re in trouble – you’ll catch them in the act and they won’t be able to slip away with your cash. It’s all fun and games for crooks until their “victim” realizes the criminals were trying to steal from them.

Travel in Groups

Criminals tend to be opportunistic. They look for any chance to isolate someone and attack them away from the eyes of other people. When you’re traveling in an unfamiliar area or a region with a high crime rate, try to travel with a group of people. This will dissuade all but the most desperate of potential muggers and criminals.

If you find yourself alone in a dangerous area, don’t panic. Get your cell phone out and call someone just to talk. You don’t even need to call anyone in particular – just act like you’re on the phone. Criminals are less likely to attack someone who will be able to immediately call for help with their phone.

Pay Attention

Don’t walk around with your head down. If you’re looking at your phone or watching the pavement while walking through a crowded area, you might not notice a criminal approaching you. Walk to your car with your keys in hand, and make sure you check your back seat any time you park in an unfamiliar area.

If you stay vigilant, you’ll see criminals coming, so you’ll avoid the worst of their potential schemes. Criminals don’t want you to be alert and attentive when they initiate an attack or a scam, so a potential victim with their head on a swivel will be at the bottom of their priority list.