Alex Jones Reprimanded During Defamation Case after Outbursts

Alex Jones Reprimanded During Defamation Case after Outbursts


Alex Jones, a fringe internet show host who routinely referred to the Sandy Hook school massacre as a “hoax,” has already been found guilty of defamation and sentenced to pay over $45 million in damages to the families of victims. However, other trials against Jones are still ongoing, and he is apparently tired of apologizing.

“Is this a struggle session? Are we in China?” Jones reportedly blurted after the plaintiffs’ attorney, Chris Mattei, noted that the victims’ families were present in the courtroom. “I’ve already said I’m sorry hundreds of times, and I’m done saying I’m sorry.”

Why Jones Is On Trial

Alex Jones is currently standing trial for claiming on his show that the Sandy Hook massacre was a “hoax,” and that the parents of the victims were paid actors. Jones’ internet show, Info Wars, is a fringe far-right platform that routinely presents wild conspiracy theories as facts and serves as a platform for Jones to sell various supplements and licensed merchandise.

The families of the victims sued Jones for defamation, dragging him into a lengthy court battle to secure damages from the talk show host. He has lashed out multiple times during the various court proceedings, apparently frustrated that he’s not in control of the narrative while standing trial.

Judge Reprimands Jones

As Jones rambled and claimed that he was simply trying to “crush the globalists” and make remarks about “liberals,” the judge strongly reprimanded him and reminded him that he was on trial. “This is clearly not your show and you have to respect the process,” Judge Barbara Bellis told the media presenter. “Whether you like it or not you have to respect the rules.”

In a prior case relating to other defamation charges, Jones had similarly lashed out in frustration that he’s unable to hold the floor as he does on his show. In that case, his lawyers accidentally handed over the entire contents of his cell phone to the prosecuting attorneys, leading to an embarrassing gaffe during the hearing.

What’s Next?

While this trial might just be the latest against Jones, it might prove decisive. Last month, he was ordered to pay over $45 million in damages to just one couple. In this case, he’s defending against claims from three different families. If the jury determines that he should pay a similar amount to all of the plaintiffs, it could prove financially disastrous for Jones and his internet show.