Police Release More Information Regarding Christina Powell Case

Police Release More Information Regarding Christina Powell Case


In late July, a security guard found a missing woman named Christina Powell. He saw a 2020 Nissan Rogue sitting parked in the Huebner Oaks Center parking lot in San Antonio, Texas that had been there for a week. When the security officer approached the vehicle, he noticed a foul smell emanating from the car and saw an unmoving figure in the passenger seat.

Authorities determined that the body was Powell, and she appeared to have been dead for some time. She had last been seen in early July rushing to her job as a paralegal. After she failed to show up for work, her coworkers and family alerted the police and a search ensued. 

Powell’s Family Remembers Her Disappearance

Powell reportedly left home in a hurry on July 6, the day she went missing. “We didn’t really have any kind of in-depth conversation. It was basically, ‘Good morning.’ She told me she was late,” her mother, Claudia Mobley, 70, told reporters. “Then, she was leaving for work and I told her to be careful. And I probably told her, ‘I love you.’ “

Powell also called ahead to her coworkers and told them she was going to be late for work. However, hours went by and she never arrived. Her coworkers visited her home to check on her and her son answered the door, saying his mother had rushed out of the house hours before. “My grandson answered the door, and the lady said, ‘Is your mom here?’ ” Mobley continued. “He said, ‘No, she’s at work’ … He went and checked, and of course, she wasn’t here.”

Police Release More Information

The police have released more information regarding Christina Powell’s death, which some onlookers initially believed could have been related to criminal activity. Surprisingly, the police have announced that they believe Powell’s death was an accident and unrelated to any other parties. The official cause of death, according to the coroner, was “hyperthermia complicating ethanol intoxication.”

Notably, the temperature in San Antonio when Powell went missing was in the upper 90s. If she had alcohol in her system and her body was unable to process the heat, she could have died while sitting in her own vehicle and trying to sober up in time for work. Her purse and keys were both found in the vehicle, and there were no apparent injuries on her body when police found her.