Missing California Woman Found Dead in Remote Area

Missing California Woman Found Dead in Remote Area

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Rachel Castillo, 25, went missing in on November 10. Her sister, Emily Castillo, called 911 to report that she came home to their shared apartment to find a large amount of blood, with Emily missing and her car keys and phone still in the house. The police determined that there were signs of a struggle in the home.

She was found three days later, dead, in a remote area in the Antelope Valley. Police say the primary suspect in the case is her ex-husband, Zarbab Ali, who was arrested Sunday at his parents’ home. Ali has been charged with murder and is being held on bail for $510,000. 

Rachel Castillo

Rachel Castillo was a mother of two, according to statements from her own mother, Robyn. Rachel worked as a healthcare specialist, helping sign people up for California state healthcare benefits in the Simi Valley region. She was training to become a therapist. Her friends and family have stated that she was an extremely caring person who found meaning in helping others.

Robyn described her daughter as “a really good mother, a good sister and daughter, and friend.” She was also reportedly shocked to hear that Ali had been arrested in connection to her daughter’s disappearance and death. He had reportedly reached out to her after hearing that Rachel had gone missing and expressed his sympathies and concerns regarding her well-being. “He said he was very sorry and hoped that she was okay. It seemed like a very normal conversation,” Robyn noted.

Murder Charges

When police saw the crime scene, they immediately launched a massive search for Rachel. They found a “significant amount of blood” at the scene, which made them concerned for her safety. It turns out that this concern was warranted, as her remains were found only days later. It’s unclear at this point what caused the conflict that led to her death, but police have arrested her ex-husband on murder charges.

“It’s been very difficult, we’re just taking it day by day and moment by moment and helping police as much as we can,” Robyn Castillo told reporters. She noted that her grandchildren were ages 5 and 2, and that her daughter was always an excellent mother to the boys. It’s unclear at this time whether Ali has retained legal counsel or submitted a plea before the court. In the meantime, her family at least has closure now that the authorities have located her body.