Should You Take a Self-Defense Class?

Should You Take a Self-Defense Class?


If you live in a rough neighborhood or often have to walk alone at night, you might have considered taking a self-defense class to teach you how to stay safe. If you’ve been wondering whether these classes are worth the time or money, this article is for you. 

Today, we’re going over a few ways a self-defense class could empower you to defend yourself if a criminal tries to target you. Here are a few things you could learn under the right instructor.

Avoiding Conflict 

The first thing you’ll learn in most self-defense classes is that you’d prefer to not fight a criminal if you can help it. Any time you get into a physical confrontation with someone, you’re opening yourself up to serious injury–or worse. If someone is desperate or mean-spirited enough to attack you outright, choosing to square off with them could be a deadly decision.

Some techniques, like keeping a phone in your hand, walking in well-lit areas, or keeping a friend nearby could all go a long way toward helping you avoid confrontations with criminals before they even happen.

You Don’t Have to Fight Fair

If you have no choice but to defend yourself from an attacker, you should give up on any concept of fighting fair. A desperate criminal who is trying to hurt you doesn’t deserve the benefit of a “fair” fight–use any techniques you need to use to incapacitate your attacker and protect yourself. 

Often, this means using unconventional tools like pepper spray, heavy objects swung below the belt, and sharpened, hidden objects to dissuade the attacker from getting close to you. These might sound like brutal techniques, but if they save your life then they’re doing their jobs. 

Don’t Get Fancy

Martial arts look cool in movies, but they’re largely useless to a regular person when confronted by an assailant. Self-defense classes will try to help you understand that throwing karate kicks and kung-fu open-palm strikes are two surefire ways to get yourself hurt, or worse. 

The best self-defense techniques are the ones that anyone can employ, irrespective of their size or ability. These techniques can include simple strikes to vulnerable regions, judo-inspired throws and holds, and a few “dirty” techniques like strikes below the belt. The name of the game with self-defense is simply preserving your own safety–you’re not trying to impress anyone, you’re just trying to hurt a criminal who wants to do the same thing to you.