Tamper-Proof Ways to Keep Thieves Away

Tamper-Proof Ways to Keep Thieves Away


Thieves are opportunistic, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t crafty. These days, determined home invaders and burglars will utilize all kinds of tricks to try to bypass your home security systems. Here are a few ways to get ahead of criminals and keep your property safe. 

Spray-Resistant Camera

Doorbell cameras and other security cameras are great. They can deter all but the most determined of thieves. For those determined thieves in question, though, you might need something a bit more dedicated to prevention than your average doorbell camera. 

Consider getting a spray-resistant security camera. These types of cameras have a coating that prevents spray paint from gripping the surface, causing it to simply roll off of the lens and leaving the ill-fated thief visible to your recording equipment. Consider installing these cameras high up so no thief can put duct tape over the lens, too!

Backup Power

A particularly savvy thief might try to disable your security system by trying to break in when your power is out. They could be opportunistic, jumping at the chance to burglarize your home when an outage occurs, or they could make an opportunity by severing the power line that leads to your home. Either way, a backup power supply could go a long way toward dissuading this behavior.

A backup battery can stay on standby in your home, ready to kick in as soon as your power drops out. This can keep your door sensors and cameras functioning even when your home is otherwise without power. There’s nothing quite like knowing your home is safe even if a power outage makes thieves think it’s a good time to break in.

Reinforced Doors and Windows

If you’re concerned about thieves who ignore your safety systems and just barge in anyway, it might be time to invest in something more heavy-duty. You could look into getting reinforced doors and door frames, as well as locking, reinforced windows that resist kicks and crowbars. Some thieves simply use brute force to enter a home, quickly stealing valuables and then storming back out.

A reinforced set of doors and windows could go a long way toward making such violent break-ins more difficult for the burglar. Most thieves simply take off when they bounce off of an obstacle, and a door that resists all but the strongest battering rams would be an ideal way to dissuade such criminals.