Louisiana Nightclub Attack Leaves 12 Injured

Louisiana Nightclub Attack Leaves 12 Injured


Twelve people were injured in an attack at a Louisiana nightclub Saturday evening, according to reports from law enforcement and onlookers. One of the victims was carried away in critical condition, but, thankfully, none of the victims have lost their lives as of the time of this writing.

The primary suspect in the case slipped away and evaded police capture. The authorities believe the criminal targeted a specific individual at the dance club and was not attacking randomly. According to law enforcement, the injuries were collateral damage, as the perpetrator was aiming for one specific person.

Attack Details

The perpetrator burst into the Dior Bar & Lounge around 1:30 AM Sunday morning, opening fire with a weapon into a crowd of people talking and dancing. The attacker reportedly didn’t cause any fatalities with this hail of destruction and escaped the club before anyone could apprehend them. The police thankfully responded swiftly and reportedly administered emergency first aid to the victims until medical experts arrived. 

“We believe their immediate response prevented further injuries,” says Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul. The swift reaction time from Baton Rouge police officers was certainly appreciated by the victims, many of whom required emergency transportation to nearby hospitals. 

Specific Target

The authorities don’t think the attacker was firing randomly into the crowd. “This was not a random act of violence, based on the preliminary investigating efforts,” Paul noted during a press conference. “We believe that this was a targeted event, where someone was specifically targeted and others were injured in that process.”

The police say they are pursuing leads, but encourage anyone with information about the attack to reach out to the Baton Rouge police department. “There is someone who knows something — do the right thing. You can save the next incident because it is obvious that this person has total disregard for life,” Paul noted during the press event. 

Police Want to “Get This Right”

Paul also noted that the police can’t give much information regarding the attack at this time. Doing so could jeopardize their ability to pursue the perpetrator. “I do understand the interest and everybody wanting information, but remember … we have to get this right,” Paul remarked during the press conference. “And sometimes, getting it right means I can’t give information right now.”

Baton Rouge has been the site of numerous attacks with firearms in recent months. Another attack took place in October near the Southern University campus, leaving nine people injured. The city’s mayor, Sharon Weston Broome, recently met with other city mayors in Washington DC to discuss the issue of violent crime.