Twenty-Two People Injured After SUV Crashes Through NYC Restaurant

Twenty-Two People Injured After SUV Crashes Through NYC Restaurant


Authorities in New York City say 22 people were injured after a hit-and-run accident forced an SUV through a restaurant in Upper Manhattan. Eyewitnesses say a white Audi vehicle left a gas station and rear-ended the Toyota SUV, pushing it through a restaurant and injuring numerous people. 

Authorities are investigating the incident and looking for the driver of the white Audi, who will be on the hook for all of the damage and injuries. The Toyota’s driver is completely innocent, as they were simply struck and forced through the restaurant. Understandably, the scene of the accident was incredibly chaotic and people in the crowd initially assumed the SUV’s driver was at fault before other witnesses gave additional information to the police.

The Incident

The incident occurred at about 9:00 PM in Upper Manhattan on Monday, January 2. A driver in a white Audi pulled out of a gas station and pulled onto the road before slamming into the back of a Toyota SUV. The SUV’s driver lost control of the vehicle, mounted the curb, and inadvertently crashed into the window of a crowded restaurant–the Inwood Bar and Grill.

Thankfully, none of the injured customers were severely hurt. The SUV busted out a window and sent glass shards tumbling into the restaurant, causing lacerations to some people inside. However, none of the injuries were life-threatening, and no one was crushed by the vehicle or by any debris. 


The driver of the white Audi didn’t just cause injuries to 22 people, either. They also determined that they wanted to try to avoid repercussions, so they fled the scene. Police are searching for the perpetrator as of the time of this writing. The Audi driver will be on the hook for the medical bills of all the injured patrons of the restaurant, as well as the damage to the building and the victim Toyota’s structural damage.

Nineteen of the injured people were taken to the hospital for treatment, while three others declined to go to the hospital, determining that their injuries weren’t serious enough to merit a trip in an ambulance. 

Vehicle Safety

Drivers are encouraged to stay vigilant on the roads. Try to leave enough room between you and the car in front of you so that you can change lanes if you see a speeding driver behind you failing to stop before reaching your vehicle. Additionally, remember to never drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.