New Bodycam Footage Shows Alex Murdaugh on the Night Wife and Son Died

New Bodycam Footage Shows Alex Murdaugh on the Night Wife and Son Died


Disbarred former attorney Alex Murdaugh is on trial for allegedly murdering his wife, Maggie, and his son, Paul. The footage comes from the body camera of Colleton County Sheriff’s Sergeant Daniel Greene, who was the first officer to respond to the scene. The footage shows Murdaugh pacing and crying out in an apparent panic.

“Has somebody gone to check ‘em? They did check ‘em? They’re sure…” he can be heard saying in the recently-released video. He repeatedly asks for confirmation that his wife and son are no longer living, which the officers on the scene repeatedly affirm.

What Happened?

Alex Murdaugh is a former attorney from South Carolina who was disbarred after a bizarre series of accusations and criminal charges were leveled against him. After Maggie and Paul’s murders in the summer of 2021, the Murdaugh family was catapulted to national notoriety, with many publications reporting on a series of conspicuous deaths, alleged cover-ups, and even a botched assassination plot.

Murdaugh was shot in the head in this plot in September 2021, in which he contracted an assassin to take himself out. Instead, he survived this incident and checked into an opioid rehab center. Months later, the law firm PMPED publicly announced that Murdaugh had been ousted after stealing millions of dollars from the firm’s clients. 

The Body Cam Footage

In the body cam footage, Murdaugh is seen wearing a white shirt and dark shorts near the dog kennels on his property. He appears panicked and repeatedly asks officers if his wife and son are really dead. Both suffered gunshot wounds from different weapons and were pronounced dead at the scene.

Murdaugh calls his brother during the video to inform him of what happened. He also explains his movements that evening to the officers. However, the prosecution in his trial alleges that this is a complicated alibi and not reflective of the truth.

Where Was Murdaugh?

A critical element of the prosecution’s case has hung on something he states in the body cam footage. He tells Officer Greene that he visited his mother for an hour and a half before Maggie and Paul died. However, witness reports and data pulled from Murdaugh’s vehicle both revealed he was only at his mother’s house for about twenty minutes.

Moreover, a video found on Paul’s phone taken minutes before his death includes a recording that witnesses say sounds like Murdaugh’s voice. The prosecution is expected to wrap up its argument in the coming days and will turn the floor over to the defense attorneys to call witnesses.